Her One-Night Prince - Rebecca J. Clark Okay, so Becky is my sister, but I seriously loved this book. I love stories where people re-invent themselves for one reason or another. In this case, Lydia St. Clair wants to go to her high school reunion as a changed woman, one who is confident and stylish. She's given up a lot over the years to care for her ailing father, so she finally decides to do something for herself. She ends up enlisting the help of a man she thinks is gay to give her advice about men. Only, you guessed it, the hunky bar-owner, Mitch Gannon, isn't really gay. The story is sweet, heartwarming, and hot...all at the same time. Some of my favorite parts involved Mitch's interaction with her grouchy father, but then I'm a sucker for grouchy old people in stories. I love them!