Hammered (Iron Druid Chronicles Series #3) -  Luke Daniels, Kevin Hearne Luke Daniels, the awesome narrator of the audio version, does not disappoint. Just like the first two books, he's fantastic. This installment is a little darker than the other two, and much of the action takes place in various mythical planes, rather than in Arizona. (I really love the Arizona setting, so I did miss it.) Like the other two, I laughed out loud so many times. My friend and I were texting our favorite lines back and forth. Seriously, if you can find a friend to listen the series at the same time as you, it's hilarious. HAMMERED introduces a ton of bizarre new characters. The Frost Giants, anyone? The ending was brutal and sad as we lose a few beloved characters. However, as soon as I finished listening, I bought the next book, Tricked, on Audible. Can't wait to get started! I love this series.