Because You Tempt Me - Beth Kery When I opened up my Kindle to read last night, I was so excited that the first installment of this sexy serialized novel was waiting for me! I'd forgotten I'd pre-ordered it. Unlike a few other popular erotic novels I've read lately, I could really relate to the two main characters right from the start. Ian is intense and magnetic without crossing the border into Creep Town. Francesca thinks of herself as slightly clueless, but she's not naive and doesn't come across that way to others. I can't wait to find out what happens next. And oh, man, it has one of the hottest 1-person scenes I've ever read. A note about this being a serialized novel...I totally loved it! Given my busy schedule, I read mostly at night, right before I go to bed. Even if a book is riveting, sometimes I'm just too tired to keep reading. This was the perfect size. Two meaty chapters that has me eagerly awaiting the next installment. If you're the type of reader who likes to sit down and read from cover to cover in 1 or 2 sittings, you may want to wait until all the installments come out. But if you're like me, grabbing chunks of reading time here and there (mostly before bedtime), this is perfect!