If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones I read this in 2-3 sittings while on vacation. IMO, a perfect summer beach read! In fact, I forced myself to put it down so I could save more for the next day. I didn't want to be done yet. People have described it as being like 50 Shades, so I must admit, I was skeptical at first. I'm not a big fan of that book, plus, I've read a few other "just like 50" books and have been disappointed. The heroine is a school teacher with a deep love of art and the art world, but she hasn't tapped into that passion. She's an every woman type character that readers can relate to, which makes the emotion and steamy parts even more realistic and vivid. The hero (I'm purposely not naming him because as I read the book, I wasn't sure for a while which guy was going to be the hero) is hot and mysterious and interesting. He's domineering and forceful, but not overly so. And I totally get the comparison to Basic Instinct. The heroine is haunted by the erotic journals of a missing woman and she basically takes the woman's place to find out what happened to her. This mystery is constantly hanging over her head. If I Were You is well-written and intelligent and would appeal to readers who are new to erotic romance. I loved it!