Temporary Arrangement - Karen  Erickson TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT is the prequel to Karen Erickson's new Renaldis series, which comes out in just a few short weeks. I loved it! It's emotional and sexy, just enough to get me frothing for July. Matteo is a total Italian hottie. I'd nanny for his kid and cross that employer/employee boundary any day...if I weren't married. ;-) Can't wait to read the continuation of the story!I did find the back matter that the publisher put in a little confusing, which may be the cause of some readers' frustrations when they get to the end of this free story. Note: it's the publisher, not the author, who is in charge of this. Even though I knew this was a prequel, there's an excerpt from WORTH EVERYTHING that's NOT the book that continues THIS story. (There's also an excerpt from another author's book.) From the publisher's back matter, I wasn't quite sure which book continues Matteo's and Paige's story. I had to do some searching (aka author-stalking) to find out. TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT is the prequel to TEMPTED BY HER BOSS, which comes out July 2013.TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT is a great intro for what promises to be a great new series!