Shocking True Story - Gregg Olsen A great, convoluted story within a story, within a story, reminding me a little of Inception. What's real? What's just the story? And could it actually be real-real? It's not normally a genre I read, but Gregg Olsen is a local author and I was hooked when I read the sample. It's a strange Mary-Sue-like tale because the protag, Kevin, is a true crime writer just like the author. Because the author's note at the beginning is actually from the main character and the book is dedicated to a character in the story as if she's real, it reads like a fictional memoir. At least I think it's fictional... Who knows? Is Gregg really Kevin? Did these events really happen? I think Gregg has twin daughters, just like Kevin. And they both live on the Peninsula. And they're both true crime writers. Hmmm. I laughed a lot at the caricature-like depictions of the various players and events in the publishing world: agents, editors, other authors, book signings, publicity people, etc. The book switches off between chapters of the book the main character is writing and the actual story events. Very clever story telling with a few graphics interspersed throughout the ebook. This is the first book I've read by this author. I loved his writing style and voice, so I'll definitely be reading more of his work.